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Prairie Hybrids
27445 Hurd Rd.
Deer Grove, IL  61243
United States
Phone: 800-368-0124
Fax: 815-438-3300

Contact: Larry Kropf
Products: Organic and non-GMO seed corn that produces grain for feed, and produces grain that meets food grade milling requirements
Prairie's Choice, LLC
10386 3200 Rd.
Hotchkiss, CO  81419
United States
Phone: 877-957-2570
Contact: Richard Blosser
Products: Non-GMO chicken feed for backyard chicken farms
Non-GMO Status Supported By: GMO test results
Premium Ag Products
90 N. Grand / P.O. Box 57
Clarence, MO  63437
United States
Phone: 660-699-2340
Fax: 660-699-2342
Contact: G. W. Dimmitt
Products: Non-GMO (identity preserved): corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum; products grown, cleaned, packaged and delivered; bulk, bagged, or containerized
Premium Gold Flax Products & Processing, Inc.
1321 12th Ave. NE
Denhoff, ND  58430
United States
Phone: 701-884-2553 / 866-570-1234
Fax: 701-884-2595
Contact: Deborah Miller
Products: Farm to table company supplying non-GMO, natural, and organic grains and seeds; specialize in golden omega flaxseed, flax hull lignans for fiber and immune system improvement; "new" Debbie Kay's gluten-free kitchen dry mixes; Org Baking & Pizza Flour with 8 super grains and seeds; grower, manufacturer, wholesale, and retail
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO seed stock and milling company, BRC audited AA, OU kosher parve, USDA organic certified, ICS gluten-free certified; all grains ID preserved when possible
Prinova USA
285 E. Fullerton Ave.
Carol Stream, IL  60188
United States
Phone: 630-868-0300
Fax: 630-868-0334
Contact: Brandon Schweers
Products: Wide range of non-GMO and organic ingredients, including sweeteners, citric acid, plant and dairy proteins, fiber, lecithins, and flavors
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project verification
Professional Proteins, Ltd.
2346 Hwy. 1 and 92
Washington, IA  52353
United States
Phone: 319-653-6541 / 800-572-5111
Fax: 319-653-6542
Contact: Beth Bennett
Products: Certified organic feed: soybean meal, soy oil, feed ingredients; complete feeds for livestock
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Certified organic processor/manufacturer
ProHarvest Seeds
2737 N. 700 East Rd.
Ashkum, IL  60911
United States
Phone: 866-807-7015 / 217-375-4335
Fax: 815-698-2924
Contact: Keith Knapp, Randy Wilken
Products: Non-GMO corn and soybean seeds
Pure Life Organic Foods, Ltd.
3909 Pecos-McLeod Interconnect D-100
Las Vegas, NV  89121
United States
Phone: 708-990-5817
Contact: Sayida Bano
Products: Organic: sugar, molasses, tapioca syrup, tapioca starch, tapioca flour, rice syrup (upcoming), roasted soybean, coconut products, cashews; Non-GMO Project Verified corn syrup, starch, and maltodextrin
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Organic certification and Non-GMO Project verification
Pure Seed
29975 S. Barlow Rd.
Canby, OR  97013
United States
Phone: 503-651-2130
Fax: 503-651-2351
Contact: Sam Cable
Products: Forage seeds including fescue, ryegrass, festulolium, bermudagrass, bluegrass, and bentgrass
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project Verified
811 Glenwood Ave.
Minneapolis, MN  55405
United States
Phone: 612-400-1420
Contact: Tyler Lorenzen
Products: USA grown and manufactured non-GMO and certified organic: pea protein isolates (PURISPea), whole pulse powders (PURISWhole), hexane-free soy protein (PURISSoy), soybean seed and meal, corn, corn seed, and feed
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project Verified facilities and products, IP certificates, non-GMO affidavits, organic certification

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